Interesting Clinic Day

It was a great day in clinic.  There were two patients that presented with chronic pain from different causes.  One had a large decompression procedure on his lumbar or low back spine by a neurosurgeon that completely failed to stop or lessen his pain.  Unfortunate for him, he cannot pursue his true passion and hobby of shooting skeet competively.  He has lots of good years in his retirement left but cannot stand for long without causing his pain to kick in to the point of making his feet shake.  Some of his guns are heavy not to mention the problem of back movements needed to aim on target.

The second patient had multiple sclerosis and chronic pain from nervous system affects of the MS.  She was not a surgical candidate and is wheel chair bound for now.  She does use a walker and would be able to get up and walk with walker or cane assistence. She saw a surgeon but was not a candidate.

Both of these patients would be able to have a spinal cord stimulator trial which involves placing small electrode or button arrays in the very back of the spinal column and next to the spinal cord.  Sounds scary but it really isn’t.  The leads are place via needles under local anesthesia and some sedation to calm the nerves.  The real beauty is that it can be trialed for 5 days to see if each person with pain likes it because the effect of it is to replace the pain with a pleasant tingling.  The devices are on their fourth generation and so are much more realiable and user friendly than before.  Both patients are moving forward as quickly as we can get them scheduled.  More information is available at under the spinal cord stimulator implant link.  You can also see one other patient’s story on video at  Please let me know what you think about this.

Hello world!

The Mississippi Valley Pain Clinic blog will talk about the world of pain, its casues, its treatements, its successes and losses.  There is a hope to to bring more information to the regional area about what is available to help people in pain so life is more normal and enjoyable.  If the conversation has some terms that are hard to understrand let us know.  Every person has a different base of knowledge.  There are no wrong questions only better answers and explanations. 

We have a staff of great care providers and I will soon publish their pictures and bios for all to know.  We have a new clinic space at 5515 Utica Ridge Road, Suite 600, Davenport, Iowa and the phone number is 563-344-1050.  We will have a video tour in the next few weeks for all to see. We usually handle complex pain problems that others have given up and although that can still happen to us, we have been able to help many to move beyond where they are now.  Stay tuned, keep reading and most of all keep the conversation going. Thanks.